9-11 May we never forget……all world atrocities!

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to go to the World Trade Centre site in New York, the place where part of the September 11 atrocites occurred 5 years ago. It was a coincidence that we went on the anniversary, as we were not planning to necessarily do so. Alex had already seen it a couple of weeks ago with his family, and I had not and wanted to do so.

Overwhelming! Sad! Confrontational! These are a few of the adjectives that I would use to describe the atmosphere and ambience. As you would imagine it was full of people, and of course agendas. Besides the many photos and signs and letters of rememberance, there was the small group with the sign, “9-11 Inside Job”…..the Jewish Evangelist preaching his stuff……several with t-shirts that read, “9-11 Investigate”…….the Christian who with hands on someone’s head was trying to rid him of the devil…..the man silently meditating……the two men who were hotly debating whether “Bush knew or not” whilst being filmed by a National TV crew…….but what really hit me with gut-wrenching precision was the little bunch of flowers, with a note attached which read “I love you Mum. I love you Dad”. Well, I just bawled! I touched Alex lightly on the arm, and as he looked over at my tear-streaked face I simply pointed! Words were not needed!

Did I feel sad? Absolutely! Whenever somebody innocent or their loved one dies it is sad….it does not matter what country they are from, what nationality they are, what their sexual preference is or what their religion is…..all that matters is that they died, that they were innocent, and that what happened NEVER needed to have occurred! And whilst there will NEVER be any any excuse for all the people who innocently died on September the 11th………I quietly closed my eyes and visualised the message that I had seen on so many t-shirts today, “9-11 Investigate”…..and I thought about ALL the people in the world who had also died so unjustly….the slaughter in Rwanda in Africa, the tens of thousands who had died under Pinochet’s regime in Chile, the massacres in El Salvador, the Bosnian war……and I silently wept as I wondered where their t-shirts with “investigate” had been hidden!?

Everybody in this world has the right to live in peace and happiness without fear from persecution. This is the theory, but as we can see this is not so. In utopia, all such atrocities would be investgated with the same stealth and rigour, but this is also not so.

My personal wish to each person reading this is to send positive energy out to humankind and the universe. Some of you may call it prayer, others may meditate. What is important is the intention. And for the record, YES I do beleive that each individual can make a difference.

Love and light




Ombretta (Ombi) Zanetti is a co-founder of veryitchyfeet.com. She has been travelling the world since 1989 and since 1999 with her partner, Alex, who hails from Ecuador. They both like to venture to the lesser known places. Ombi shares her passion for different cultures through her travel stories and Alex through his lens. Come take a detour or two with them!

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  1. You probably don’t realize this, but almost everything that you “know” or think you know was actually told to you by someone else. Therefore, you cannot actually be sure if these things are true. For example, we’ve been hearing a lot in the news about Rwanda.

    What Rwanda? How many of you have been to Rwanda?

    How do you know that Rwanda even exists?

    Because it’s on the news? The news could be a lie — propaganda, a hoax, maybe even your imagination. Because it’s on the world map? Same problem. Not many people actually stop to consider whether or not an entire foreign country even exists at all — most of you will just say it’s “common sense.” But really, what is common sense? Well, defining it is up to you, but it sure as hell isn’t making assumptions based on what other people (who might very well be lying) tell you.

    For all we know — “we” being those of us who haven’t been to Rwanda, which, if my theory is correct, is all of us — Rwanda does not, never did, and never will exist. The government is just trying to keep us worrying about something. Unless the government doesn’t exist. Have you ever seen this “government?” No, you haven’t. Your teachers at school just tell you about it. And you hear about it on TV, and on the radio, and in movies and books. But what if all those things are lying to you? What if everything you’ve ever been told is just a conspiracy?

  2. to “anonymous”, please spare us your existential consoiratorial philosophising. Rwanda does exist and a hell of a lot of innocents died there. There is proof and evidence and if you bothered, you can se eit for yourself. However, as much as I try and try to convince myself that the good ol’ US of A does not exist because I have never personally been there to see it (nor do I want to) – I can see by the misery it leaves in its wake that yes, alas, it does exist. personal experience does not equate to truth or non-truth. what are you on, anyway? why would you question the existence of a whole nation?

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