A day in the (transport) life of a traveller!

How do backpackers and travellers get from point A to point B when they are travelling? No, it’s not all 5-star hotels and flights, when it’s a year long trip. So, let us give you a day in the life of Ombi and Alex on the road: making our way from Quebec City to Toronto, Canada. Before I go on however, I would like to mention that, direction wise, I have NO IDEA as to how I used to do this alone….I do not have a bad sense of direction at all…I simply do not have one! Alex is definitely the GPS in our team. I have delegated myself to the mouth-piece of the duo.

Here goes:

6.00am Wake up, shower, pack backpack, have breakfast.

7.15am Josee drives us to “Allo Stop” stop (remember that I mentioned this system, which is like car share). Although relatively close by, we are all worried that we will miss our 8.00am departure. We make it….just. Car leaves at 8.03am.

10.30am We are dropped off at a metro/ subway station in central Montreal. We know that the next two buses going to Toronto are at 11.30am and 1.30pm….will we make the earlier one? Remember…we have to get to the bus station.

10.45am We catch the subway to the bus station….it’s looking good – only 7 stations away, and we were able to catch the train immediately.

11.05am Made it to the bus station, also close to the Montreal city centre, and are able to get tickets for 11.30am. Yes!

11.30am Sharp! The bus leaves. It’s a 6 hour and 50 minute ride to downtown Toronto.

6.20pm We arrive in Toronto!

7.00pm We are picked up by our friend Annie (she was one of my best friends when I lived in Ecuador, and she now lives in Toronto), and we take a taxi to her place, which is about 12 kilometres away from the city centre.

8.15pm We arrive at Annie’s place…in the burbs.

You’re tired reading this….you should have tried doing it! Seriously, it’s not that bad at all. You see a lot, do a lot, meet lots of different people and…….you definitely learn how to sleep anywhere, trying to grab a bit of shut eye here and there.

So, would you do it, or does a direct flight sound easier? Ah, a day in the life of a (transport) traveller!

(Image: Old Quebec City)


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    AW MI GAWD!!! I am no longer a blog virgin!!!! This blogging is awsome guys. it was fantastic to see your faces again, it feels like you have been gone for too long. The photographs are fantastic darlings!!!!
    your chinese food story was a classic – im very proud of you. You are such a thornburyitis girl…. it’s such a unique quality dont you think?? hahaha
    anyway, must be off to bake the Karinaki’s star birthday cake for tomorrow.
    will keep blogging on…..
    (if i can figure out how to post the damn thing! this is the 2nd time im typing this!!! bloody shit!!)
    Paul, Betty, Karinaki and Mr d

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    Ombi and Alex:

    You have to write a book of your travelling adventure or even a guide book.
    What magazines are waiting to pushish you great articles ?



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    Hi Guys,

    Your blog site is awesome. It is so great to be able to keep up with your travels through words and pictures!

    Your ‘day in the life’ post brought back great memories of my last 3 months in Europe…it is not always easy but definately the best way to travel.

    Keep up the great stories and and stay safe. Love and kisses from Karen and all the girls at Wishhka xxx

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    Salutations Ombi and Alex
    What a delight to come home to your fantastical blog.
    Fred, Vicky and I returned from India with a few tales ourselves.
    So far 500 photos. I now look forward to reading about your adventures. The Good, the bad and the ugly.
    All my love
    PS…Teresa send all her love too

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