Montreal, the tragedy and the Chinese buffet from hell!

After Philly we made our way back to New York, where we spent another two days with Alex’s mum and little sister Angie, before flying out to Montreal in Canada. Of course both parties were sad to see the other go, and saying goodbye is never going to be easy. The most importtant thing will always be remaining in touch.

As we had a flight at 11.30am, and Alex’s mum had to begin work early that morning, we got up and made our way to John F. Kennedy Airport, via metro and sky train. That was fun in rush hour! We asked ourselves if we were up to a year of carting around backpack one (the larger on) on our backs and backpack two (the smaller one) on our chests!? ……Let the adventure begin!

When we boarded I, well yeh, kind of semi-freaked….this was no boeing or air bus… was …..I don’t know, but very small! I must admit to having felt rather uncomfortable until the plane took off, and with that feeling or semblance of “fresh air” at least I did not feel so claustraphobic.

In true Ombi form, and my Dad knows only how true this is, we landed in the middle of a disaster – the Montreal high school shooting! I seem to have this penchant of landing in areas that are are affected by disasters, either natural or inflicted by humans.

Both Alex and I are “itching” to get to some countries where we can immerse ourselves in culture, you know…the Ombi and Alex kind, but are very excited that we have had the opportunity to have been able to catch up with so many wonderful family and friends. And we still have not seen them all!

The “highlight” of Montreal was having a buffet dinner at a Chinese restaurant called “Jade Garden”, which was vile! In true Ombi form, yet again, I told them so, and they told me that as we had barely touched our plates that we would only have to pay for one! I will not bore you with details, but after an ensuing argument, we were told that we either paid, or that the police would be called. I was not in the mood to “go em” that night or get involved with the police, so I settled on telling them how “shit”(verbatim!) their food was to their faces, and asked (ever so politely, of course!) if I was able to have a business card so that I could let everyone else know how “shit” it was. Just in case you didn’t get it…..the food was horrendous! She pointed to the stack of business cards…and I grabbed the whole stack….telling her that I would need them! And…off I walked…..somewhat elated that I had had the last say!


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Alex & Ombi

Alex & Ombi

Ombretta (Ombi) Zanetti is a co-founder of She has been travelling the world since 1989 and since 1999 with her partner, Alex, who hails from Ecuador. They both like to venture to the lesser known places. Ombi shares her passion for different cultures through her travel stories and Alex through his lens. Come take a detour or two with them!

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