Six degrees of separation, of an inter-continental kind!

Well, on the day of our (or I should say my!) accident, we were on our way to see my very dear friend Lisken Sherman, whom I met some 17 yeras earlier. Not to be deterred, we ended up going out to De Kalb the next day. Alex´s cousin Nathaly kindly drove us, and needless to say,I did not offer to drive. Funny about that!

Now, did I here you ask where De Kalb is? De Kalb is a little over an hour west of Chicago, and although it is not a major city, and is set amongst farmland and sweeping corn fields, it IS the place where barbed wire was created. A nice little piece of trivia I thought. Go on, impress your friends and/ or sound intelligent by asking people if they know where barbed wire originated. It´s a great party line!

We only spent a couple of days with Lisken, and on the night we arrived we had dinner with Lisken, and Tex and Barb Sherman, at their place. First of all Tex, we were highly impressed with the Middle Eastern meal you cooked up for us. The tabouli rivalled some of the best I have tried in Australia, and we have a huge Lebanese community, so take that as a major compliment!

Tex and Barb actually lived in Australia over 50 years ago for a year, and have been back several times since, on some occasions with Lisken and her brother. Over the years that I have known her,Lisken has often talked to me about Elaine and Ken Jalland, and always spoken so very highly of them and their three “children”. I was asking Lisken about the “kids” once again, and she suggested that I chat to her parents. As many of you would know, although I struggle to add 2 plus 2 or remember a phone number, my expertise lies in remembering faces and names. Tex and Barb mentioned Mark and Guy, the Jalland boys, but nothing rang a bell. Then there was Lynne, who was now a Ceprow as she was married. Now, I was SURE that I knew that name….I excitedly asked a few questions, and within minutes I knew that we were talking about the same person.

Lynne had been one of our (Inti´s) client´s in Melbourne, and one of our favourites to boot! I jumped onto the internet, and looked up Blue Iris Accessories, Lynne´s gorgeous shop in Melbourne, and within minutes we gave her a call. Lynne sounded so surprised to hear my voice, I mean why would one of her ex-suppliers call her. She welcomed me back, and I promptly told her that we were still overseas. I asked her to guess where….and eventually told her that we were in De Kalb, Illinois. She immediately blurted out something to the tune of, “Are you with the Shermans?” With this we all had a chat to Lynne. I am not sure which one of us was more blown away, but what a truly incredible coincidence….but as I do not beleive in coincidences,I will have to say that it was truly incredible synchronicity. And Lynne, we promise to take you up on your offer, and come and have a meal with all of your family on our return, and as you so aptly put it,complete the circle!

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