Happy Mother’s Day New York Style

Surprise … Happy Mother’s Day Mami!

Another trip, and so soon after Vanuatu … not for me, but for Alex! With the envious position of being in between jobs, Alex decided to surprise his mother in New York for Mother’s Day … as you do!

Singin’ in the rain … New York style
Alex with his mum and sister Angie

Booking his ticket with frequent flyer points at the last minute, and only letting his younger sister Angie (who was born in New York and lives there with his mum) in on the secret, he literally rocked up in New York on Mother’s Day.

His mum, Rocio, had absolutely no idea, and was dumbstruck when there was a knock on the door and she turned around to see Alex … absolutely and most definitely gob-smacked!

Smiles all ’round

Alex spent the next two and a half weeks hanging out with his mum and doing a bit of shopping.  Whilst Alex hates shopping as much as I do, New York isn’t a bad place to be when you need some new clothes for a new job!  I am glad that it was his mum and not me helping him out. Two people who hate shopping, shopping together…uuuuuugggggggh!

Relatives of his, Connye and la Negra were also visiting from Ecuador and staying with Rocio. Tag team … they left and then Alex organised for his Aunt Mariana and cousin Michelle to come visit from Chicago. Another surprise, which I was privy too via skype. There was a knock at the door and when Rocio opened the door, she almost had her second heart attack in only a few days! Rocio had not seen Mariana in some twenty years!

Lots of love, laughter and tears would fill Alex’s almost three week stay in New York.

Enjoy the story that Alex has ‘written’ with his pictures!


Ear to ear smile

Dedicatoria: A mi madre … tu que eres una amiga sin igual, tu que siempre brindas una sonrisa a quien sea sin importar su status, color de piel o actitud. Tu madre que no decaes y luchas por tu vida cada dia, tu madre que vives para tus hijos y familia y los cobijas con tu amor y carino pese que no estan a tu lado. Tu madre eres un ser humano sin igual… gracias por ser parte de mi vida y de mis dias, gracias por tu amor, buena energia, y excelente sentido del humor. Te amo;la pasamos genial.

Dedication: To my mother … you are an incomparable friend, you always offer a smile to everyone regardless of their status, colour of their skin or attitude. You always stand with your head up high and strive to get through each day; you live for your children and family and provide them with love and warmth even though they are not by your side. You, mum, are an incomparable human being … thanks for being part  of my life and my days, thanks for your love, good energy, and amazing sense of humour. I love you; we had such a good time together.

Times Square panorama

Tia Mariana and Rocio … grabbing the bull by the …

Home made ‘patacones’ (fried plantains)

Brotherly/ sisterly love

Angie showing her brother a good time in downtown NY

Tia Mariana and cousin Julian

Chelsea graffiti, oops ‘street art’

With Tia Mariana, Michelle and Julian (‘el huambrito’)

Manhattan Civic Centre

L to R: Cruz Elena, Connye, la Negra and Alex

Breathing fire … old Nabisco factory at the Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market

In a New York state of mind …

The NY High Line … ex train track now park

The High Line chicks, Rocio and Angie

Rocio and ‘la socia’ (Mariana), Staten Island

It had to be a done … google this!

Enjoying a Peruvian dinner

Say hi to the man … well, the sticker of the man anyway

Outside Freedom Tower (site of the Twin Towers)

God sure is too busy to help out in frenetic New York

Times Square panorama

Mother and daughter, Mariana and Michelle

Angie and prized family member Juicy


‘Las socias’ 
Bueno verte sonreir Rocio

Daily commute with a bit of song and dance:


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Alex & Ombi

Alex & Ombi

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