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Quito Bike Tours | Quito, Ecuador

It’s not just a bike ride. You will experience some amazing sights, local life, culture, markets, street art and of course the local food! t people and make new friends!

Quito Cultural Bike Tour

This is our left-of-center tour. Discover local life on a bike as you pedal your way around to see art and experience culture. Chocolate tasting, history, street art, markets, parks and spectacular views await you.

  •  4-hour bike ride through La Floresta, Guapulo Alto, Mariscal Foch, Alameda
  • Ideal tour for people who want to see something other than ‘just’ the touristy parts of Quito
  • Cycle through verdant parks and experience amazing views of the city from some amazing vantage points
  • Sample local food, chocolate, and juices
  • Small groups, limited to 10 people
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Cultural Group Tour From $75


Cultural Private Tour From $90


Cultural Private Tour 1Person From $105


Explore Urban Quito on a Bike

This is the city’s ‘True North’. Let us show you a blend of Modern Quito, Parks, a Botanical Garden, Local Food, Markets and Culture.

  •  4-hour tour through La Floresta, Carolina, Mariscal, Iñaquito
  • Ideal for people who love parks and flora and who want to experience a mix of modern and old

  • Cycle through one of the biggest parks in Quito and South America
  • Feel, see and eat the culture that makes Quito special
  • Small groups, limited to 10 people

Urban Group Tour From $75


Urban Private Tour From $100


Urban Private Tour 1Person From $105


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